My boys

My boys

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

my beautiful boys..

Well I haven't been stitching much due to the fact I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and have subsequently had a mastectomy and have started on the long road ahead with Chemotherapy.  Yesterday I had my hair shaved off as it was starting to fall out.  My two youngest boys shaved their hair off in support.

Monday, January 6, 2014

I love the mail man......

I received today my order from 123 cross stitch for Caron Waterlillies which I have never stitched with, the colours are devine,   the only thing I am not looking forward to is not washing my project after stitching with them..  I have read that people wash their project before stitching with Caron threads, what is your experience with them, would love to know.

I also received my pattern that I ordered from a kind stitcher Barb from Chicago who game me a voucher to purchase persphone.  However I ordered two more as well who I adore.

My three boys,

My three boys are the love of my life, this was taken at Hamner Hot Pools.  They can be a handful when they are all very spirited if you know what I mean..

Day 3 and 4: Villa Mirabilia

Well did not stitch day three as went biscuit riding with the boys
I wasn't game to try...

Day 2

so I couldn't wait to continue with her the next day.  Not sure I like the white coverage but maybe it will look better as she gets more colour and it will stand out more.  maybe I am too critical.

My beautiful Dogs

Scout and Storm are my lovely stitching companions.  Although Storm the youngest is prone to chewing at the moment so I have to make sure that all stitching is away at night.  So far he has chewed through two power cords...  but I still love him.
Storm (aka Sparkie the cord chewer)


Day 2: Villa Mirabilia

Since I have two boys away, Ethan (aged 13) was at Scout Jamboree for the first time and the youngest Oisin (aged 8) went to his fathers for christmas holidays I have been able to stitch more. Aodhan (aged 10)  is quite happy for mum to stitch and see the progress....

She is easy and enjoyable to stitch and I love that it is blocks of colours.

Day 1: Villa Mirabilia

I was very excited to start this project as it had been on my list to do for a few years so joining this Sal gave me a good excuse to start. I love the colours and it pops on this fabric.
Silkweaver Riverdance
floss toss